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I was never drawn to the Jen Atkin haircare brand when it took off a few years back. I tend to always avoid things that become super popular. Not to mention that it is easily associated with the Kardashians due to the fact that the brand was created by one of their hair stylists. However, after seeing the brand take off and spread all over the beauty community, I decided to test it out.

I went to Sephora, being immediately drawn to their packaging, and picked up their hair spray. I sprayed a little spritz in the air and my first note was how luxurious the scent was. I was skeptical because that is not too hard to come by when it comes to hair spray. When I picked up both the hair oil and scalp scrub, I expected it to fall short. The second I opened the lids, I could smell the same notes of rose that intoxicated me before.

Once I got home after making the purchase, I jumped into the shower to test out my new goodies. I did find that applying the hair scrub to my scalp and scrubbing was a little hard to do. I think that the most effective way to apply it is to continuously part your hair and apply the scrub to the scalp. Then after I massaged it out and rinsed my hair, I could feel the coat of hydration that it left on my hair.

The hair oil I applied as an extra step o ensure that I was giving my hair a boost. I think that it would be best to only apply the oil once or twice a week unless you are willing to shower it off or look oily. But the scent makes you smell divine. I also applied it to my body and it gave my skin a nice breathable moisturization.

This is a brand I recommend trying out because it is affordable and effective. Especially if you are a young professional, this will help give you the look without breaking the bank. Check Ouai Haircare out below!

Ouai Haircare




What You Win:

1.) Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

2.) OUAI Dry Texture Foam
3.) OUAI Wave Spray

4.)OUAI Hair Oil


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