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Buried within the rush of Lower Manhattan lies a store disguised as a museum. Glossier recently renovated their flagship store and boy was it a change. This completely unique store blends commerce, design, and art like no other store has yet.

We often see pop up shops that concentrate on drawing customers in for the atmosphere and not so much the product. But Glossier’s Flagship Store has made their product the art. When you walk into the building, you are greeted by candy pink stairs that have a glorious back lighting. This takes you up to the showroom where every product is on display. The matching workers can be clearly identified in their white overalls at each product station.

They want this experience to be interactive and inclusive. So you can try every product available. They even have a wet area to try out cleansers or soaps. And once in the back of the store, you’ll find a beautiful installation of their Boy Brow product in an over-sized display. Surrounded by mirrors so Glossier is endless.

Once you find the products you like, they make use of technology and check you out on iPads. You then go to a waiting area where customers wait for their orders to be assembled. Each product is hand picked and placed on a belt that carries your purchase through the ceiling and dropped off in the pick-up area. An attendant will then call your name and hand deliver your order.

Check out this location and tell me your thoughts.

Glossier Flagship Store:

123 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013

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