Hermes - Limited Edition Clear Vinyl L'Exposition 1997 Kelly 40cm Handbag




My interaction with the vinyl Kelly handbag began with the search for the perfect beach bag. I was going on holiday with friends and new that I needed a bag to carry around the necessities, but didn’t want a typical bag. My inspiration is credited to Rita Ora, who wore this bag out while caught by paparazzi.

I have been the biggest fan of Hermes because of their design and quality. I also like that the majority of their products retain their value over the years, so it makes the investment worth it. This Hermes Kelly was actually given out during their fashion show as the souvenir bag. Now, they are a limited edition bag that is highly coveted.

I love this bag because of its modern flare. However, the one thing this bag lacks is structure. I find that if I carry anything too heavy, the bag then begins to dip. I also find the since the bag lacks privacy, you have to pick and choose what you carry inside. However, that is also the fun of the bag.

You can find this bag on most second hand bag websites. Search now as the can vary in prices from $500-1050!

Alexander WoodcockComment